The Kids Are Watching

Relationship abuse—among adults and teens--is a normalized part of our society. Forms of abuse are all around us in the media, popular culture, social media sites and hallways. Changing that culture sounds like a tall order, but after all, society is us. And most of us can identify at least one person whose example moved us. As individuals, we can be catalysts of cultural change and the ripple effect of our behavioral influence can help to activate all of those who agreed with us all along, but didn’t know how to take a stand.

All About Modeling

In a national study only about 25% of parents reported talking with their kids about dating relationships (GfK, 2013). We’ve talked with groups of parents across Indiana to try to understand why we aren’t having these conversations.

What Does It Look Like?

COMING SOON: Helpful videos on what "showing us" looks like.