At a birthday party there are two ice cream choices: vanilla, chocolate. There is one ice cream scooper. The outspoken/direct communicators have taken the scooper and are using it to get chocolate ice cream. The quiet/reserved communicator doesn’t like ... read more

Note: Although most of our blog posts are directed towards parents, guardians, and adults, we felt this was an important topic for teenagers to read about, especially as it had been a large topic of conversation in our previous meetings. Thus, Breakups: A... read more

Love in a Digital Age “Let’s snap on the twitter.” “What’s the deal with the kicking?” “Why don’t you pin that to my wall?” “Let’s insta that.” Are these phrases you or loved ones say? Or interpretations of what you think they say?... read more

Dear Parents, Many of you may be familiar with the Lord of the Rings. If not, we will briefly explain. There’s this dude named Sauron, he does some bad stuff with the ring of power and through some circumstances becomes an all seeing eye in a tower in t... read more