Helpful Listening Hints

A key point for adults to remember as we work to engage youth in conversations about respectful relationships is that conversations involve talking and listening. As adults we may have great experience, problem solving skills and helpful advice to share, but we must recognize that teens are the best experts on their own experience and on teen relationships in general. Really listening to hear where they are coming from will help you both to make plans for how to promote respectful relationships and prevent teen dating abuse. READ MORE

Youth Leadership

Teens are world-changers. They have the knowledge, the influence and the energy to make a difference in their communities. Teens are in the best position to inform adults about the abuse that is impacting their lives, and about effective strategies for promoting respectful relationships. We also know that young people bring the greatest credibility in leading teen dating violence prevention efforts with their peers. READ MORE

ICADV Youth Council Blog

One thing every parent needs to teach their child about is consent. When most parents picture teaching their child consent they imagine a conversation like this “Now son, when you get married and begin having sex you need to ask permission of your wife before doing so.” But consent is not just that, it is so much more. READ MORE

Parent Letter

Did you know that 2 out of 3 teens will experience teen dating abuse? Unfortunately, 75% of parents don't talk with their kids about relationships. While numbers as large as those are scary, talking to your kids shouldn't be. Although your kids may not tell you this, we actually want to have these conversations. Ultimately, by initiating these conversations with us, you have the power to set us up to have safer and healthier relationships across our lifespans. READ MORE